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Takoyaki Nosework Catch Toy

Takoyaki Nosework Catch Toy

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A yummy snacc you can't refuse! Street food never tasted so good.

This Takoyaki nosework and catch toy might just be the toy you're looking for today.


  • Toy in toy concept 
  • Minimal stuffing for safe play 
  • Hide treats inside and get your dog's brain activity up
  • Encourages problem solving 
  • Different textures to stimulating sensory play and provides a unique biting experience
  • Extra durable and tough lining 


  • It is recommended to dry the toy naturally after hand washing with mild detergent or pet-only detergent.
  • Please be careful not to let your dog swallow any portions of the toy.
  • Ensure your dog's play time is safe with your care and supervision.


8 x 11 x 8 cm

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