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Snowman Hunting Toy

Snowman Hunting Toy

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Do you wanna build a snowman? Olaf says YESSSSA!

This snowman hunting toy was designed with the intention of allowing dogs to demonstrate their hunting instinct and in turn helps them to reduce boredom, relieve stress and boost mental stimulation.

Dogs biting or tearing toys is not problematic behaviour due to aggression. It's a natural hunting instinct. Help your dog achieve physical development, emotional stability and reduce stress through hunting exercise!


  • Toy in toy!
  • Snowman Ball has a squeaker inside
  • There is no cotton built into the toy. Your dog can enjoy the toy safely
  • Crafted from soft fabric, it gives your dog a rich touch and helps him/her in sensory development
  • The snowman hunting toy is durable by using a double-layered fabric that allows your dog to enjoy the toy for longer, even in perfect condition


  • It is recommended to dry the toy naturally after hand washing with mild detergent or pet-only detergent.
  • Please be careful not to let your dog swallow any portions of the toy.
  • Ensure your dog's play time is safe with your care and supervision.


Snowman 19 x 13 cm

Small Snowman Ball 6.5 cm in diameter



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