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Sleeping Jackson Toy

Sleeping Jackson Toy

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Become best friends with this adorable sleeping toy and you'll cultivate the habit of going to bed early!

Hide some treats in the blanket for some nosework fun. Increase the difficulty by rolling it all up before letting your dog sniff out the treats!


  • Squeaks and crinkles
  • Nosework fun
  • Protruding parts of toy allows dogs to bite easily
  • Suitable for all dogs, including those with smaller mouths
  • No extreme tough biting on soft fabric material


  • It is recommended to dry the toy naturally after hand washing with mild detergent or pet-only detergent.
  • Please be careful not to let your dog swallow any portions of the toy.
  • Ensure your dog's play time is safe with your care and supervision.


Jackson (Bear) 7.5 x 16 cm Duvet Pouch 12 x 20 cm



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