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My Lunch Box Nosework Book Toy

My Lunch Box Nosework Book Toy

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School is in session and it is time to get our mental exercises in!

This book is the ultimate enrichment toy. Every page has its own set of fun with multiple nooks and crannies for hiding your dog's favorite treats.


A yummy lunch box nosework book toy with a healthy diet of salad, egg, toast, apple pie and strawberry jam!

It can be played in a variety of ways, where each page of the book contains a unique nose work game for your pup. You can hide different types of treats in the book and even adjust the difficulty for some of the challenges.

It also combines crinkly paper and squeaker to bring our furry friends loads of fun!

This play book is a must buy for Bite Me lovers and  pups that are serious players of the nose work game.

Size: 15 x 14.5 cm

Wash care: Hand wash in cold water only

Material: Polyester Cotton PVC

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