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Ironing Toy

Ironing Toy

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Let your doggo participate in household chores to earn his/her keep! Just kidding!

This enrichment toy has multiple styles of play! Choose from tug, nosework, squeaker or crinkler... or incorporate all four during your daily play sesh!


  • Multiple components in one toy
  • The entire iron crinkles!
  • Play tug with the rope "wire" connecting the iron to the socket
  • Socket is a good bite spot
  • Squeaker is hidden inside the iron too
  • Base of iron itself has a treat pocket for you to hide treatos
  • Bury your treats deep inside for more a challenging session
  • We recommend adding bite-sized treats for the nosework activity 

Size: 9 x 16 x 7 cm | Rope 22 cm

A product of MY FLUFFY

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