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Classic Spam

Classic Spam

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Introducing the "Classic Spam" – Woofs, Wiggles, and a Whole Lot of Squeaks!

Prepare to unleash a tidal wave of tail wags with our uproarious Classic Spam dog toy – the hilarious ode to the classic that's got dogs everywhere drooling for playtime!

🐾 Features:
🥫 Embroidered Charm: This isn't just any imitation – our Classic Spam  comes adorned with embroidered details, making every "bite" a classy canine affair. Your pup will be living their plush dreams!

🔊 Squeak-a-Palooza: Brace yourself for a symphony of squeaks as your pup chomps down on this irresistible toy. It's like a rock concert in a can, minus the earplugs.

🎉 Paw-tastic Play: Built with recycled materials and ready for action, the Classic Spam is designed for the wildest playdates, giving your furry friend endless hours of hilarious fun.

🤣 Benefits:
- Offers entertainment for your pup, and you'll be chuckling away at their antics – it's a win-win!
- Sparks interactive play, creating unforgettable moments between you and your fur-baby.

🐶🥫 Unleash the howls and humor with the Classic Spam – where tail-wagging meets tongue-teasing in a scrumptious playtime extravaganza. After all, why settle for a slice of spam when you can have a whole serving of laughter?



  • 100% Cotton Stuffing
  • Recycled Polyester


  • Recycled Plastic


Wash with mild detergent on a cold, gentle cycle. Allow for air dry or low heat in dryer. 

Size (approximations):

  • Spam: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches

For supervised play only. If toy becomes punctured, damaged or parts become separated, stop use immediately.

A product of WOOF & CO

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