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Barkuterie Board

Barkuterie Board

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Introducing the "Barkuterie Board" – Where Playtime Meets Platters!

Get ready to raise the "bark" factor of playdates with our barkuterie board dog toy! This paw-some toy mimics the sophistication of a charcuterie board but with a hilarious twist that'll leave tails wagging.

🧀 Features: 🍖 Mini Frens Galore: Unleash the inner foodie in your pup with the included mini frens – adorably cute crinkle toys that look like scrumptious bites. It's a dog's dream buffet!

🎉 Interactive Fun: Watch your furry friend's excitement soar as they "arrange" their mini frens on the board, creating their own version of pup-approved charcuterie perfection.

🔊 Squeak-tastic: The board itself doubles as a squeaky toy, adding an extra layer of auditory amusement to your dog's playtime antics.

🍗 Play & Chew: Crafted from durable materials, the Barkuterie Board is perfect for both playful pouncing and satisfying chewing. Who knew elegance could be this much fun?

🤣 Benefits:

  • Provides endless entertainment for your dog, and you'll be rolling with laughter watching them play chef.
  • Encourages interactive play, ideal for strengthening the bond between you and your pup.

🐶🧀 Elevate your dog's playtime palate with the Barkuterie Board – where tail-wagging meets tongue-drooling in a true feast of fun! Remember, the only thing being devoured here is pure joy.

Supervision is required for this toy. Parts of this toy may pose as a choking hazard; especially for our super chewers.


Barkuterie Board and Food:

  • 100% Cotton Stuffing
  • Recycled Polyester


  • Recycled Plastic


Wash with mild detergent on a cold, gentle cycle. Allow for air dry or low heat in dryer. 

For supervised play only. If toy becomes punctured, damaged or parts become separated, stop use immediately.

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