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4-in-1 Slow Feeder Lick Mat Set

4-in-1 Slow Feeder Lick Mat Set

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This 4-piece set of slow feeder lick mat trays will help to alleviate your concerns of seeing your dogs gobble up their meals in just a few seconds.

Designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm behavior in your dogs by encouraging slower licking, this stimulates their tongues and calms them down.

With four different trays to experiment with, you can add a rainbow of goodness to your dog's meals and snack times, both wet and dry food included. Don't forget to add a dollop of Pupperlick ice cream for an extra yummy time!

The lick mat trays have four large suction cups that can be firmly secured onto smooth walls or flooring such as glass, tiles etc. and will not fall or move.

Product specifications:

  • 4-in-1 Feeding Set: Includes 2 Slow Feeders for dog food or treats, and 2 Lick Mats for peanut butter or yoghurt.
  • Healthier & Slower Eating: The slow feeder encourages your dogs to eat slower, which reduces bloating and improves digestion.
  • A Good Distraction: The lick mat can relieve dogs’ anxiety during bathing or grooming time. With strong suction cups at the back, it is easy for the tray to be attached to the bath tub, glass wall or any smooth surface.
  • Perfect for Both Dogs and Cats: These mats can feed more than 2 pets at the same time. They can be used separately or assembled together to suit your favorite style as you need.
  • Safe to Use: The slow feeder mat is made from hard ABS and the lick mats are made from TPR. TPR is a stronger, safer and recyclable rubber.

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    Pupperlick is joy in the form of ice cream for your beautiful dogs. Established in 2022, we love getting to know and interact with puppers & their hoomans from all over the island. We provide healthy and cooling frozen treats in a wide range of portion sizes for small to large dogs, with both fruity and savoury flavours to choose from.

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    Supervise all feeds and do so with care. If your dog has a tendency to chew, bite or chomp on food, kindly refrain from purchasing our lollipups (with ice cream sticks) and choose the pupsicles (no sticks) option instead.