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Peperoni 페페로니 Cheese Sweet Potato

Peperoni 페페로니 Cheese Sweet Potato

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Calcium-rich cheese meets fiber-rich sweet potatoes to create delicious Peperoni Cheese Sweet Potato bites, with added prebiotics to help support gut health! 

✅ Rich in prebiotics, helps to increase intestinal good bacteria
✅ The texture is soft and can even be chewed by senior dogs! 
✅ Contains lysine, which can enhance immunity 

This product contains cheese and is not recommended for dogs with cheese sensitivities or dairy allergies

Ingredients: Sweet potato, sweet potato powder, rice flour, fish meat, whey protein, glycerine, cellulose, refined chicken oil, cheese, vitamin mixture (vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E), mineral mixture (calcium, iron, zinc)

Size: 180g

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